Bánh Mì Chả Lụa (Pork MeatLoaf Sandwich)


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Banh mi cha is a Vietnamese sandwich that features a filling made from steamed pork meatloaf, or cha. The cha is made with ground pork that is mixed with various ingredients such as fish sauce, garlic, and black pepper before being steamed to perfection. The sandwich is then assembled with a crispy French baguette and filled with slices of cha, mayo, pate, pickled vegetables, cucumber, cilantro, and sliced jalapenos. The savory and aromatic flavor of the cha is enhanced by the tangy and refreshing pickled vegetables, creating a delicious and satisfying sandwich. Banh mi cha is a classic Vietnamese street food that is beloved for its simplicity and comforting taste, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a satisfying and tasty sandwich.